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  St George Church Salford
Posted by: januk on 9 July 2011 at 10.36pm

Please can anyone tell me where St George Church Salford is?
Also if the parish registers are available on film .

Thank you
Posted by: dorothy on 9 July 2011 at 11.27pm
St Georges was on Whit Lane, Charlestown, Pendleton.
The church spire is still standing.

The following Records are held at the City Library.

Charlestown- St George
Baptisms-1854-1901- MFPR 1294
Baptisms-1901-1949- MFPR 1295
Baptisms-1949-1970- MFPR 1296
Marriages-1860-1885- MFPR 1296
Marriages-1885-1909- MFPR 1297
Marriages-1909-1931- MFPR 1298
Marriages-1931-1967- MFPR 1299

The Manchester Room@City Library
City Library, Elliot House, 151 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2HN

0161 234 1979

Posted by: januk on 10 July 2011 at 5.28pm
Thank you very much Dorothy.
I checked the City Library(strange not calling it Central Library) online and couldn’t find it in the church listings.

Alice CHILDS was my Grandads step sister through his father. At least I’m hoping this Alice is. I try not to buy certificates unless it’s absolutely necessary, so will check the parish registers and hope her father is shown as Mathew CHILDS a bricklayers labourer, and whist she isn’t really related to me I am attempting to trace any CHILDS descendents hoping they can tell me a little about the family.
Sadly my Mum never met any of her fathers family the CHILDS, and Elijah her father died when she was 11.
I know quite a bit about her father, but not his brothers, sisters, Mum and Dad
Once again Thank you.
Posted by: dorothy on 12 July 2011 at 10.27pm

The Central Library on St Peter’s Square is closed - long term - for refurbishment.

If you are going to the City Library, you need to book in advance:---


Good luck with your search.

Posted by: januk on 13 July 2011 at 1.54pm
Thank you Dorothy for thinking to tell me. I did already know about the library, but it’s a nice feeling to know someone tells just in case.
Unfortunately it’s going to be a while before I can visit, my Mum’s really poorly and I’m helping look after her. It’s one of the reasons I have been trying to find out anything I can about the CHILDS family. I know all the regular stuff census, or is that cenci? Birth, Marriage, Death dates. I was hoping to find something different to chat to Mum about, and even though she never met her grandad Mathew, she’s always been a bit of a gossip and it will be nice to tell her about him.
I know he married a second wife Annie Lloyd, my Mum is descended from his son Elijah to first marriage..
I think this Alice CHILDS will be a daughter of the second marriage.to Annie Lloyd, and when I get chance to check the registers I will know for sure. I can then attempt to find any descendents of Alice and her hubby Joseph HUGHES.

Thank you again Dorothy.

I have managed to trace a descendent of one of my Grandads neices but unfortunately she dosn’t know anything about the family.
Posted by: Xabiasenora on 19 July 2011 at 6.30pm
I am sorry your Mum is poorly, and hope she recovers soon.
I used to live not far away from St, Georges church, it was on Whit lane Pendleton, my sister was christened there in the 1950’s. Only the spire of the church exists now, the rest has been knocked down. Just up the road was St Georges school, better known to locals as Clock school, because of the clock on the old Victorian building.
The area around was called Charlestown, Pendleton, and it was Salford 6.
It used to be quite a built up area with lots of rows of terraced houses, and when i lived there in the 50’s and 60’s, there was a fantastic community spirit, neighbours helped each other, and they took great pride in their small houses.
The people worked in various trades and industries, from mining at the Agecroft colliery as that was not far away, there was many cotton mills around in the 1800’s to 1900’s
some of these mills were taken over and the building used for other things, such as Ward and Goldstone screws and things for electrical components.
Do you know any dates of birth of the descendants you mentioned, I may be able to do a search as I am a premium member of Ancestry.co.uk so can access a lot of census’s and records, however the full version of the 1911 census is not available yet only parts of it.
I also have Hughes in my family tree, but they come from the Regent road area of Salford, there were lots of Hughes in Salford.
Posted by: januk on 20 July 2011 at 6.24am

Thank you for the offer, could I get back to you later this week. I am staying at Mums for a few days untill my brother takes over. I don’t have the info here with me.

Posted by: Xabiasenora on 20 July 2011 at 1.48pm
No problems Jan, hope everything will be OK for you.
Posted by: bungahigh on 20 July 2011 at 1.58pm
Xabiasenora said:
No problems Jan, hope everything will be OK for you.

please excuse me for using this thread....

Xabias senora....
If you are who I think... big grin

I hope your move went well, and you are settled in your new home..

Elaine.. ( Another Whit Laner ) big smile

Posted by: Xabiasenora on 20 July 2011 at 2.43pm
Hiya Elaine,
Had to re reg. because I have another computer, with different email address, we are actually moving September, enough of the heat of Hk, it has been a great experience being here, but will be happy to be in Europe nearer the children.We have had the new house for nearly 2 yrs doing work on it. Hope you are OK, Susie
Posted by: bungahigh on 20 July 2011 at 4.39pm
Hi Susanne,

I remember you saying September....

I wish you and your husband,
lot’s of happiness in your new home..

Plus you will be on the forum during the day.... In Hk, you seem to come on in the middle of the night...

big grin


Posted by: Xabiasenora on 20 July 2011 at 5.18pm
Yep, just gone midnight here, we are either 7 or 8 hours ahead of UK. going to bed soon Thank you for your good wishes,
Posted by: June mason on 21 July 2011 at 1.33am
Hi Jan, the history library at salford crescent also has microfilm of St Georges church records. Not sure off hand what all the years are but if you phone them they will tell you. The number is 0161-778-0814. I have been looking at some of the marriages and Baptisms of St Georges, I was born in the Whitlane area, St Georges was just up the lane from my house and I was christened there. You have to pay to park at the library now its 2 for 3 hours, 5 for 6 hours and 8 for 12 hours. If you know the date I will check it out for you when I go on Tuesday.
Posted by: januk on 21 July 2011 at 1.28pm
Thank you so much for your offer June.
Alice CHILDS married Joseph HUGHES at St Georges Church.
The nearest date I can get is Qtr. 2 1934. from BMD.
It was UKBMD that I got the Church from.
I realise that it would take you some time to check the whole 3 months, so please don’t spend too long. I am not sure if this is Alice the daughter of Mathew CHILDS my Great Grandad, my Mums Grandad. I reckon there is a very good chance it is as I have not found any other Alices in Salford, and there were only a few CHILDS families.
Please don’t spend too long if you do get the opportunity to check, and once again thank you so much for the offer.

Posted by: Xabiasenora on 21 July 2011 at 6.56pm
HI Januk
Was Matthew Childs born in Wellington Shropshire in about 1856? and married to an Elizabeth Taylor born Manchester 1958? They married 1874, this Matthew was a brick layer.
I have looked through various Census’s, the only child named Elijah is born to Matthew and Elizabeth Childs in 1893 in Blackburn.Elijah had older brothers and sisters, Luke, Thomas, Mary Elizabeth and Martha, their mother Elizabeth died in 1899,
Matthew re-married in 1904, I think to an Annie Lloyd in Salford or Manchester, if Alice was born to the 2nd wife of Matthew then she is the half sister of Elijah-- and she would appear on the 1911 census, there is not a full easy to find version on Ancestry, but there does appear to be a Childs family with extra children living in the Islington area of Salford.
Do you think this could be your Childs family, if it is likely to be so I can do further research, I can check the census’s further back.

Posted by: januk on 21 July 2011 at 8.24pm
Yes, Elijah born in Blackburn was my Grandad.
He died when my Mum was 11, so whilst she remembers him she never met any of his family.
I have traced out one of his nieces (now dead) , a daughter of Thomas his brother , and found one of her children and her Grandchild. Unfortunately they don’t know much about my Grandads family.
Mum is really enjoying me relaying all the answers to my original question about St. Georges Church. She can’t believe that people she has never met or spoken to are helping. The internet is an unknown world to Mum, so thank you everyone for taking an interest.
Posted by: Xabiasenora on 22 July 2011 at 6.59am
Hi januk.
Matthew was born 1856 in Wellington Shropshire.

1861 Census
address 40 Wrights Court,Walker Street
John Childs (head) age 40,(b1821) bricklayers labourer Wellington Shropshire
Susan Childs wife, age 30 (b1831) House wife Shrewsbury
Mark son age12 (b1849) errand boy Wellington Shrop
Luke son age10(b1851) agr, labourer " " "

Ruth dau age 6(b1855) scholar " " "
MATTHEW age 5 (b1856) scholar Wellington Shropshire

1871 Census Wrights court Walker Street

John (head) still bricklayer
Susan wife housewife
Mark son 23 bricklayers labourer
MATTHEW age 15 shown as Tallow Chandlers Apprentice
Elisha son (1863) I think probably this should be another Elijah, maybe spelled incorrectly by census takers. born Wellington Shropshire
Emma dau age 5 " "

Adam son age 2 " "

Married Manchester 1876 2nd Quarter, ref 8d 312,

1881 address 64 Balloon st, (? St Feldes--or St Hildas Court
municipal ward of Collegiate (Cathedral) Manchester

Matthew age 24 (head) Brick setter Shropshire
Elisabeth age 23 wife(b1858) Tailoress Manchester
Luke son age 1yr (b1880) Liverpool

1891 Census 80, Smithies st, Blackburn, --Trinity district
Matthew (head) age 35 bricklayer Shropshire
Elizabeth age 33 cotton winder
Luke son age 12 scholar Liverpool
Thomas son age 8 " ’ Manchester
Mary Elizabeth dau age 5 Blackburn

Elizabeth Childs --- Matthews mother dies before the the 1901 census , aged 42yrs in 1899 3rd quarter ref Vol 8d, page 32 reg at Salford.

1901 Census, 48, David street, Lower Broughton, ecc parish of The Ascsension.

Matthew Widower, bricklayer Shropshire
Luke son 21 bricklayer Liverpool
Thomas son 17 bricklayer Manchester
Mary Eliz, dau 14 Blackburn
Martha age 9 Blackburn
ELIJAH age 7 Blackburn

1904 widower Matthew marries Annie Lloyd , Vol 8d pge159, 3rd quarter,reg Salford,,, looks like daughter Mary Elizabeth marries James Lucas at the same time.

1911 census is not complete but Matthew and Annie may have had more children, possibly Alice, I have a bee in my bonnet now so will keep searching.
But at least there is lots to let your Mum know about, lots of brickies in the family, going back to Shropshire.
When my Mum was 80yrs old a few years ago I made her a ’kind of" this is your life red album, with her family history, she absolutely loved it, I love history, and that is why I am happy to research, plus I get stuck sometimes with my own family, my fathers line I have back till early 1700s on the paternal side but on his mothers side the Hughes’s it is slower because there are loads of them. My Mum is more difficult , because her family come from Germany so I have only got back to the early 1800’s with hers, so it is refreshing to do a bit of research for somebody else while I have a respite on my own family.
Posted by: januk on 22 July 2011 at 1.18pm
I really don’t know what to say other than , Thank you so much. It dosn’t seem adequate for everything.
Posted by: Xabiasenora on 23 July 2011 at 3.09am
Hi Jan,
No probs, I have really enjoyed doing this, and I am sure your Mum will be happy to know a lot more about her family, I hope she is feeling better.
I found some more info;

1851 Census 37 Wrights Court-- Living with mother in law

Ann Blakemore (head) age 57 (b1795) washerwoman Ellerdine Shropshire
JOHN Childs age 29(b1821) son in law, Bricklayer Wellington Shrop
Susan Childs (nee Blakemore) age 20, not working
Mark son age 2 Wellington Shropshire
Luke son age 1 " " "

!841 Census 40 Wrights Court,
Robert Child age 70(1771) Agricultural Lab. born in Shropshire
Emma Childs wife age 50, (1791) born Shropshire
Job son age 25 agricultural Lab. born Shropshire
Jas. son age 23 " """"" ’’’ """""
JOHN son age 20 " " " "

They were so easy to trace, they never moved from Wrights Court. Now you and your Mum have a few gt grandparents from various generations.

All the best Susie

> This message was edited at 03:11 on 23 July 2011 by Xabiasenora
Posted by: januk on 23 July 2011 at 1.40pm
Thank you Susie.
Posted by: June mason on 26 July 2011 at 6.07pm
Hi Jan, checked the microfilm of St. Georges Marriages. 23rd June 1934 Joseph Hughes aged 22, of 34 Gerald Road father James Hughes (deceased) labourer. married Alice Childs. aged 22, of 7 Gerald Road. father Mathew Childs (deceased) bricklayer. Gerald Road was just round the corner from the church. I have had the record printed off for you contact me on my email June-slater@hotmail.co.uk with your address so I can send it.
Posted by: januk on 27 July 2011 at 9.22am
Thank you so much for this. I now know Alice was Mathews daughter and can now try to find any descendents of Alice and Joseph HUGHES marriage. I am presuming they had children, but if not I will try to find any relatives of. Joseph HUGHES.
I have sent an email with my address.
Please do enclose yours so I can send you something to cover your costs.
Posted by: januk on 27 July 2011 at 9.26am
Who said advertising dosn’t sell>>
After seeing the Ancestry ad on TV I have now subscribed.
WOW, what a lot of information.
So if I can be of help to anyone in finding information please do ask.
Its the best I can do to try to thank you all for your help.


> This message was edited at 09:26 on 27 July 2011 by januk
Posted by: Xabiasenora on 27 July 2011 at 10.25am
HI Jan,
Isn’t June great finding Alices parent at marriage!
I think also June may have some old photo’s of the area, with the spire of the Church, which sadly is all that remains of it, she has so many photo’s of the Whit lane area of Charlestown Pendleton. The houses in which Alice lived at the bottom end of Gerald Rd, were quite big deep terraced houses, not far from where the number 1 bus used to stop, I used to walk past them every day on the way to school, as did June
I looked up possible children of Alice and Joseph, and there is a Jean Hughes b 1937, with the mothers maiden name reg, as Childs. but I couldn’t find any more children.
Do you know joining Ancestry is addictive, I only joined it to stem my curiosity about my ancesters, and I was bored being here in HK with nothing to do, it is an amazing hobby now I love it. Also I am soon to move to Spain, and I will live in the same road as Tony Robinson he lives just opposite, he does a talk on Ancestry, was Baldrick in Black Adder, and now does the Time team. We have seen him a couple of times when we have been over while our house there was being renovated.
All the best
Posted by: januk on 27 July 2011 at 7.05pm
WOOO this is wonderfull.
On Ancestry I have found an Alice HUGHES born 1911 died in Salford January 1994.This is the only one I can find born then dying in Salford. I know she may have moved elsewhere.This is pure guesswork on my part that this is my Mums Aunty Alice but I have to start somewhere.
Could anyone answer for me please...
Did people who died in Salford have their funerals in the BMD columns of the Manchester Evening News, or was there a Salford Newspaper that they would have it put in?
I know that not everyone did this, but I have to start somewhere or send for loads of death certificates.

I looked at another thread about Agecroft charging for death/burial information. Can a person go to Agecroft and look at the registers?
Are the registers online and available pay for view as in the Manchester Cemetaries?


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