In 2004 the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act introduced significant changes to the planning system, amongst them the replacement of Unitary Development Plans (UDPs) with Local Development Frameworks.

The Act allowed UDP policies to be retained initially for a period of three years from the date of commencement of the Act, or the date of adoption of the relevant UDP so as to allow sufficient time for Local Development Frameworks to be prepared. If local authorities wished to save any policies beyond that initial three year period then the Act allowed them to apply directly to the Secretary of State.

Salford’s UDP was adopted on 21 June 2006 and its policies were therefore initially saved until 21 June 2009. The city council had not adopted by that date any Development Plan Documents as part of the new Local Development Framework to replace the UDP, and consequently applied to, and received the consent of, the Secretary of State to save most of the UDP Policies beyond 21 June 2009. These policies will gradually be replaced as Development Plan Documents are adopted.

Upon the adoption of the Greater Manchester Joint Waste Development Plan Document on 1 April 2012, two of the remaining saved policies were replaced by the policies within that Development Plan Document. These two policies therefore no longer form part of the development plan.

This document contains the full wording of those UDP policies that remain saved and have not been replaced. These policies form part of Salford’s development plan.

A list of policies that were not saved beyond 21 June 2009 and those that were replaced upon adoption of the Greater Manchester Joint Waste Development Plan Document on 1 April 2012 are set out in Annex 1.

The city council’s application to the Secretary of State outlining why particular policies should or should not be saved beyond June 2009 is available on the council’s website at Also available at the same address is the Direction from the Secretary of State stating which policies were saved beyond June 2009.

Some of the saved policies and / or their reasoned justification cross refer to other policies that were not saved. This is not however considered to undermine the effectiveness and / or the application of the saved policies.

To avoid potential confusion, the policy numbers, chapter numbers and paragraph numbers of the Adopted UDP (published in June 2006) have been retained in this document.