Annex 1: UDP policies no longer in force

The following policies of the UDP were not saved beyond 21 June 2009:

Chapter 4 – Strategic policies

Policy ST2 – Housing Supply

Policy ST6 – Major Trip Generating Development

Policy ST8 – Environmental Quality

Policy ST11 – Location of New Development

Chapter 5 – Mixed-use development

Policy MX4 – Site for Mixed-use Development

Chapter 6 – Design

Policy DES11 – Design Statements

Chapter 7 – Housing

Policy H2 – Managing the Supply of new housing

Chapter 8 – Employment

Policy E6 – Tourism Development

Chapter 9 Retail and leisure development

Policy S2 – Retail and LeisureDevelopmentOutsideTown Centres and Neighbourhood Centres

Chapter 10 – Education, health and community facilities

Policy EHC2 – Redevelopment of Redundant Schools and Colleges

Policy EHC8 – Site for the Provision of Health Facilities

Chapter 11 – Accessibility

Policy A1 – Transport Assessments and Travel Plans

Policy A7 – Park and Ride

Policy A12 – Provision of Coach and LorryParks

Policy A13 – Freight Transport

Chapter 12 - Environmental Protection and Improvement

Policy EN3 – Agricultural Land

Policy EN6 – Nature Conservation Sites of International Importance

Policy EN10 – Protection of species

Policy EN14 - Derelict, Underused and Neglected Land

Policy EN15 – Unstable Land

Policy EN16 – Contaminated Land


The following policies of the UDP were replaced from 1 April 2012 by the adoption of the Greater Manchester Joint Waste Development Plan Document and therefore no longer form part of the development plan:

Chapter 4 - Strategic Policies

Policy ST16 - Sustainable Waste Management

Chapter 16 - Waste

Policy W1 - Waste Management