Appendix C Car parking standards

Table C.1 Car parking standards
Type of development Maximum standard for car parking provision (not including provision for disabled people) Notes
A1 - Shops
Food retail 1 space per 16m2  
Non-food retail 1 space per 22m2  
A3, A4, A5 - Restaurants and cafes, drinking establishments and hot food take-aways
Restaurants 1 space per 7m2 of public floor area  
Fast food - drive through 1 space per 8.5m2 of gross floor area For predominantly drive-through take away establishments. “Drive-thru” restaurants featuring significant seating should be considered as a conventional restaurant
B1 - Business
Stand alone offices 1 space per 35m2  
Business parks 1 space per 40m2  
B2 - General industry
  1 space per 60m2  
B8 - Storage and distribution
  1 space per 45m2  
C1 - Hotels
  1 space per bedroom including staff

Additional facilities, such as leisure and conference facilities, should be considered separately if appropriate

C3 - Dwelling houses
    Please refer to Policy A 10 in the Accessibility chapter
D1 - Non-residential institutions
Medical and health facilities 1 space per 2 staff + 3 per consulting room  
Higher and further education 1 space per 2 staff To be backed up with a more detailed justification, including Green Transport Plan proposals. Parking for students should be included within this figure. Separate consideration would be required for any parking related to residential facilities.
D2 - Assembly and leisure
Cinemas and conference facilities, etc 1 space per 8 seats  
D2 including leisure 1 space per 25m2  
Stadia 1 space per 18 seats